Is Growing Marijuana Bad For Denver's OZONE?

Is Growing Marijuana Bad For Denver's OZONE?


Is Growing Marijuana Bad For Denver's OZONE?


“Without federal guidance, it’s also up to states to set emission standards on the cannabis industry. In Colorado, there aren’t any.”

The cannabis industry can seem a bit wild westy and apparently there’s no sheriff in town when it comes to emissions created by cultivating weed in Colorado. It easy to calculate the footprint of the cannabis industry when it comes to water and energy consumption but when you start talking about air pollution the data is slim to none. With Denver’s air quality already being bad (12th worst in the nation), just how much is growing pot contributing to the problem?

HPPR reports Professor William Vizuete of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill researched the question and believes cannabis grows could contribute anywhere from 66 to 657 tons of emissions per year. Vizuete’s acknowledges the range of his results are broad and his final findings are still in the review process but studies like this are an important step towards environmentally friendly weed. What can be measured can be managed. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE.

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