Arapahoe Basin Is Making Snow!

Arapahoe Basin Is Making Snow!


Arapahoe Basin Is Making Snow!


The race to open is underway with A-Baisn firing up their snowguns and blowing snow. 

“We turned ’em on this morning. The wet bulb temperature dropped below 28 F. This isn’t a big snowmaking session, but it is a snowmaking session. Getting the system going is a small step, but a very important step. We like to test the gear and work out any kinks. These actions are important to help us be ready when the really cold temperatures come.

………….And everybody likes a little snow.” – Arapahoe Basin

With temp dropped to 28ºF the colorado resort fired up the snow guns and started putting down the ribbon of white. Things could get cooking soon with A-Basin forecasted to get some snow next week. 

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