I have this lofty goal of skiing in every state in America. Obviously, there are some geographical and climate challenges for some of our friends down south. But, here’s my plan for getting on some sort of skis or similar device in every US state. The list is in alphabetical order by state name. Check out the first ten states below.

*I’ve included states that I’ve already been too as well.*


Where: Cloudmont Ski and Golf Resort

Fun Fact: Cloudmount is the state’s only ski resort.

Why: Skiing is skiing, right?

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Where: Heli-Skiing

Fun Fact: It looks hella sweet.

Why: I’ve never been heli-skiing, I feel like Alaska is the place to do it, right?

Image result for heli skiing alaska


Where: Arizona Snowbowl

Fun Fact: You can ski there for free within 7 days of your birthday.

Why: The biggest, and probably best mountain in AZ. Right outside of Flagstaff, and only 90 minutes from Grand Canyon National Park.


Where: David’s Trail, Mountain Home, Arkansas

Fun Fact: The state’s only cross country ski trail that averages annual snowfall in the double digits.

Why: I like a good XC run from time to time.

Image result for arkansas cross country skiing


Where: Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows, Tahoe area.

Fun Fact: Squaw Valley did not have officially named runs until 2011.

Why: I’m hoping to knock off skiing in California and Nevada in one trip by visiting the Lake Tahoe Area.

Image result for squaw valley


Where: Telluride 

Fun Fact: At 9,078 feet above sea level, the Telluride Regional Airport is the highest commercial airport in North America.

Why: I’ve skied plenty of times in CO, but have never made the journey out to Telluride. It will happen, someday.

Image result for telluride skiing


Where: Mohawk Mountain

Fun Fact: Mohawk is only 95 miles from Manhattan.

Why: Mohawk claims the state’s largest vertical, most skiable acreage, most lifts, and most number of trails.

Image result for mohawk mountain


Where: Delaware Beaches- Waterskiing/Surfing

Fun Fact: I grew up in Delaware. I can confirm that there is no snow skiing of the downhill or XC variety…

Why: While DE lacks mountains, hills, and snow it has plenty of coastline for water sports. The Rehoboth Bay is a big area for water sports, and Indian River Inlet is the state’s best place to surf.

Image result for surfing in delaware


Where: Winterclub Indoor Ski and Snowboard

Fun Fact: It’s like a ski treadmill.

Why: It counts!


Where: Stone Mountain- Snow Park Tubing

Fun Fact: Stone Mountain looks sweet. Check out that domeage.

Why: Look I’m trying my best to slide in some way or another on snow. This seems like my best bet.

Image result for stone mountain

Keep an eye out for the next 10 states next week!

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