Drunk Canadian Rides A Swimming Moose

Drunk Canadian Rides A Swimming Moose


Drunk Canadian Rides A Swimming Moose


This guy just reached legend status with his bros. You can hear his buddy in the video say, “I have never seen something so awesome.” But if you’re thinking about trying this, you first might want to consider that more people are injured and killed by Moose then by black bears and grizzly bears combined. In fact, moose kill more people in Canada than any other animal.

Update: Shortly after the video became public, B.C. conservation officers investigated and identified the two men. In June 2016, they were charged with three counts under the Wildlife Act, including harassment of wildlife with the use of a boat; an attempt to capture wildlife, and hunting big game that is swimming.

The men were convicted and fined $2,000 each and also ordered to pay an additional $2,000 to the Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation.


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