Las Leñas, Argentina To Get New Gondola

Las Leñas, Argentina To Get New Gondola


Las Leñas, Argentina To Get New Gondola


After decades of rumors and hearsay it is now being reported that Las Leñas, Argentina will be installing a “new” gondola for the 2021 winter season. The lift has been in service in Planai, Austria since 1986. Preparation for the new lift will begin in Las Leñas over the next few months. In the meantime, the 33-year-old lift will be shipped across the Atlantic to Argentina for installation.

“We are very pleased that there is another life for the Planai cable car. From Schladming it goes by large ship and on by ship to Argentina,” said Planai Managing Director Georg Bliem.

Las Leñas, Argentina is one of the best known ski resorts in South America largely due to it’s extreme terrain. The resort has been operating fixed grip doubles and quads to access their rugged Andes mountains. Many of these lifts have been in operation since the resort opened in 1983.

There is no question that the new gondola will be a major improvement to the ski resort. The new lift has the potential to position Las Leñas as the premier ski resort in South America. However, the resort is plagued by high winds which could led to an abundance of wind holds for the a gondola system.

It is unclear at this time what the exact rout of the new lift will take, but form what we have heard in the past, the new gondola will run from the base of the Volcano lift to the top of cartel.

We will keep you posted and more information is made available.

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