Not sure if Carver by Woodway is marketing this badboy for residential use but it’d certainly fit in a home and anything is available for a price.

Anyway cool to see a ski treadmill that isn’t the size of a two car garage. Obviously you can’t use the same skis and snowboards you would use on the mountain but its looks like a workout that could legitimately keep a shredder’s attention.

I could see myself in front of 55 inch flatscreen with my favorite ski movie and carving this thing till my legs were lava. Thoughts?

“Former Great Britain Olympic Skier Tim Dudgeon’s vision teamed up with  Yin Chien Yeap from Playko Games and then Woodway to form a three way collaboration that has brought the WOODWAY Carver to where it is today.”

In London they have a bank of machines set up in a room that simulates the thin air experienced at altitude:

“WOODWAY Carvers are live at Third Space City. They have been installed inside a hypoxic chamber which replicates the altitude skiers and snowboarders will encounter in the mountains.”

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