Telluride's Rasta Stevie From The Blizzard of Aahhh's Has Cancer And Needs Your Help

Telluride's Rasta Stevie From The Blizzard of Aahhh's Has Cancer And Needs Your Help


Telluride's Rasta Stevie From The Blizzard of Aahhh's Has Cancer And Needs Your Help


Rasta Stevie’s cancer treatment fund

This is Rasta Stevie and I am personally calling on all you to financially support me to “seal the deal” on my year-long cancer journey. It all started in February 2018 when I was having trouble swallowing and had swollen lymph glands in my neck. I got a formal diagnosis in July 2018, HPV cause squamous cell carcinoma of the tonsil. In the last year, I have prioritized my health and I’ve left no stones unturned in my quest to create a positive cumulative health profile. I am and continue to be an active patient and participant in my healing, which has led me to a man named Dr. James Forsythe. After much deliberation and a staggering amount of research and analysis, I have made the decision to uproot, leave my family and pursue this scary solo mission, to go to the Forsythe Cancer Care Clinic in Reno Nevada, starting my treatments on March 4th to address my stage 3 or 4 cancer, depending on which doctor you believe.37242624_1550998130710549_r.jpegI am requesting those who are capable to donate to my GoFundMe campaign. My Colorado Medicaid insurance does not cover the treatments in Nevada. The instate treatments available to me are horridly damaging and may kill me. Dr. Forsythe’s protocol, some call experimental, has the highest success rate of any scientifically proven cancer treatment with the least adverse effects. There are no other protocols in state or globally that will build my immune system while killing the cancer. Trust me, I have been diligently looking.

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All of the money generated from this campaign will go to pay for my treatments at the Forsythe Cancer Care Clinic, three months of follow-up treatment and care, hospital and lab expenses, living expenses and a portion of the debt I have incurred in the last few months while unable to work while I pursued my health first and foremost.

As I trod this road solo, I have an incredible support network but I lack the actual money to pull it off. Regardless, I am bravely going forward with the knowing that this is my divine plan and I am asking you to financially join me or at least spread this campaign to the four corners of the earth. Let me feel your power!!!!!
37242624_155099795177982_r.jpegFor those of you who don’t know me, I am Rasta Stevie, the world emcee (Reggae on the River, The One World Festival, Reggae on the Rocks and festivals in Costa Rica), ski industry icon (The Blizzard of Ahhhs), community builder (Telluride, Durango, Osa Peninsula Costa Rica), Rastafarian politician, reggae networker, surf enthusiast, ganjaprenuer, world traveler/businessman, family man and father.  I am personally calling on all of my allies, friends, resources, idrens, acquaintances, fans and family to financially support me to “seal the deal” on my year-long cancer journey
37242624_1550997988920056_r.jpegI am an involved and highly participating parent of a bright and inspired 18 year old, Garnet, my only biological son, who has been my constant lifelong source of focus, purpose and strength. He seldom does what I say, but he does emulate what I do in almost all his actions. My potentially fatal disease has sent the whole family into rewarding growth but a tragically stressful state. For Garnet, I am doing whatever it takes to save my life. That reassurance to him has been a game changer and watching him smile motivates me to strive even more for health. He deserves another 20 years (I will be 80 then) of Rastaman role modeling.

As I stated above, in February of 2018, I was having a hard time swallowing and noticed swollen lymph glands in my neck. Since that time I’ve seen the best ENT medical doctors/surgeons in Colorado including Durango, Boulder and Denver and in Mexico. They have given me a 90% survival rate which is unheard of in traditional cancer treatments. But their trial and error, highly invasive, surgical, chemo and radiation treatments will cause permanent damage for the rest of my life. Thank Jah I didn’t jump quickly at their optimistic prognosis and treatments, as I would have already experienced neck dissection and high-dose radiation and high-dose chemo. I couldn’t afford any of those treatments anyway. Also those modalities don’t line up with my intuitive spiritual nature in the knowledge of unlimited health potential with minimal damage.

But not letting my “belief system” stand in the way of living, I continued to fully explore traditional medicine to save my life while pursing any option I could discover. I paid for a biopsy and lab tests in July to confirm what the Durango ENT guessed in February was true, that I have HPV caused Squamous Cell Carcinoma in my tonsil. I quit my job to be eligible for medicaid to further pursue modern medical diagnosis’s and treatment options. Their recommendation remained, neck dissection, high dose chemo and high dose radiation.

Simultaneously along this year’s long journey, I consulted with Intuitive Healers, Hands-On spontaneous healing facilitators, naturopaths, kundalini trainers, homeopathic doctors, holistic dentist (root canal scare), nutritionist, acupuncturist, lymph gland massage therapist, the University of youtube rabbit hole, revisited my Ayahuasca Journeys and more. I’ve tried magnetic healing, a month-long raw juice fast, veganism, vegetarianism, quasi keto diets, past life and future life akashic record atunements, kundalini Yoga training practices, the 10 pass ozone treatments of the blood, mini trampoline exercises, the vibrating platform, essential oil breathers, comfrey compresses, Epsom salt baths, cannabis suppositories, emotional poise training, psychotherapy, rest, exercise, physical therapy, stress relief exercises, natural chemotherapy teas like soursop leaf/seed, turkey tail mushroom tea and comprehensive immune mushroom blends, Chinese medicine, homeopathics like bioplasma, Cell Food, supplements out the yin-yang, blue green algae, broken cell wall Chlorella, phytoplankton, turmeric, Baobab fruit powder, black cumin seed, to name a few , and changed more bad habits than I even knew I had. I’ve done thermograms, CT scans, blood work, biopsies, camera diagnosis, physical inspections, and more. I’ve been preened, poked, injected scanned and cameraed. Over the year I have learned a lot and I am full of gratitude and empowered to continue to create a new health homeostasis from the plethora of roads I have walked. But my lab confirmed HPV caused squamous cell carcinoma of the tonsil has not responded as I had hoped and I need to “seal the deal” now.

On a side note, if anyone would benefit from a more indepth look into any of the above protocols, please email me as I would be honored to share so others have a go at it. HPV caused squamous cell carcinoma is an epidemic in men aged 55 to 65 in America. Luckily for most women, their immune systems have an ability to kick it out.  HPV virus is a sexually transmitted disease that estimates indicate that 98% of all Americans carry. I have learned that all cancers started with a traumatic experience 10 to 12 years prior to the onset of symptoms.

My situation worsened in Jan 2019 and I began to give in to modern medicine avenues. I went to the University of Colorado Health ENT surgeons and the leading head and neck cancer specialists, Colorado Head and Neck, just to find out that the surgeons don’t recommend surgery. Instead, they recommend high-dose radiation and chemo which has major negative side effects that are potentially lifelong. Again, this is not a language I speak.

Thru the guiding hand of Jah, utilizing my resources and continuing to create a more graceful solution, my persistence and fortitude paid off. I have found my avenue to bridge allopathic medicine with broad perspective healing, the Forsythe Cancer Care clinic in Reno Nevada. They are licensed, fully trained, experienced Medical doctors and staff, who embrace essential oils including cannabis, homeopathy, nutrition, and supplements, to augment intravenous low dose chemotherapy and immunotherapy. They speak my language!!!
37242624_1550998264830005_r.jpegThe 80+ year old Dr. Forsythe has been in cancer care since the 70s. He is one of the only M.D., H.M.D. who has proven that cancer can be annihilated by stimulating the immune system (immunotherapy) while using homeopathic doses of chemotherapy drugs targeting specific cancers. He is an allopathic physician and integrative medical oncologist. His use of genomic testing to identify patient specific treatments is nothing less than revolutionary, with an average survival rate of 80% vs western medicine’s 56%.

Genomic blood test sends your blood to a lab in Greece, where they grow your cancer cells, inoculate your blood with 100s of compounds which determines exactly which natural and pharmaceutical chemical compounds can be applied to individual’s chemotherapy, immunotherapy, supplements treatments that will actually kill your cancer. They generate an individual specific report which identifies the exact % of compounds to administer.  Mine came in at 82% successful.

Dr. Forsythe is a world renowned speaker and best seller author. He even wrote a book titled “Stoned: The Truth About Medical Marijuana and Hemp Oil”. His team recommends a three week in clinic program that can be shortened to two weeks to accommodate finances or other constraints. Their compassionate, groundbreaking methodologies are a bright hope in cancer treatment that is worthy of international attention. I often ask myself, why is this not the AMA and the American Cancer Society’s “go to” protocol. I have researched the globe and have not found any other lab proven, AMA approved cancer treatment that puts the patients cumulative health profile first, over damaging treatment protocols that compromise the individuals health in the quest to kill the cancer.

The Forsythe Cancer Care clinic has given me the best possible treatment option at the most affordable price. I have negotiated like a street hustler to decrease the $60k of actual medicine costs, found friends to stay with in Reno, and been living frugally to save money for the “seal the deal” treatment I have now found.

Today I’m reaching out to the entire globe, requesting those who are capable, to financially support my “sealing the deal” on my health crisis. I am eternally grateful for this journey that I drew to myself to attain and embrace the “new me” and look forward to many years of continued service to reggae music, radio land and Rastafari, the skiing and surfing community and all my extended international communities, my family, and humanity on the whole. I have had a most magical and fulfilling life that I couldn’t have foreseen even if I had all the fore sight of Jah Rastafari, who I owe my existence to. In the name of Jah Love, I thank you in advance for your support. I Love You ALL!!!!

You can help here Rasta Stevie’s cancer treatment fund

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