The approximate location of the submersion | Photo: JHMR | Cover:
The approximate location of the submersion | Photo: JHMR 

When you’re born and raised in Jackson Hole, the dangers surrounding the resort appear very clear. Avalanches in alpine terrain, the swift moving Snake River– not to mention a plethora of overly protective Grizzly Bears. These are the worries that sit in the back of any Teton County local’s mind.

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Dying from snow submersion after taking a minor tumble on a popular run is DEFINITELY NOT one of the primary concerns. But that’s exactly what happened to 48 year-old, Jackson-born, Jenny Karns back on January 18th. According to the Jackson Hole News and Guide, she was skiing the South Hoback when all of a sudden, “she lost her balance and funneled into a gully.” 

She would end up with her head submerged beneath the snow. After realizing she couldn’t self-rescue, she began to panic but held onto the fleeting hope that someone might see the pink bases of her skis. Luckily, those hopes were fulfilled by a visitor from Boulder, CO who noticed her stuck in the snow like a “lawn-dart.”

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