“Our beacon park is setup and ready for you to test your skills! It’s at the Frisco Adventure Center at the bottom of the pump track. Test your proficiency with 1 – 8 burials.”

Great resource for all you Colorado skiers and snowboarders looking to brush up on your avalanche beacon skills. Located the the Frisco Adventure Center, the Beacon Park is free and fun to use so gather up a group of friends and get some reps doing mock rescues so you have tons of practice in the event of an emergency:

“Our avalanche beacon park is now OPEN! Practice your beacon skills … remembering that avalanche season is still with us. The beacon park is located at the Frisco Adventure Park on the peninsula in Frisco and is absolutely FREE. No lift ticket required either. Just show up, go to the desk, get instructions, and look at the signage. An avalanche probe has been made available for your use. Make a game of it to see who is the best; activate one or multiple beacons to make it easy for beginners, or more complex if you are more advanced.”

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