Couple new videos of that badass French helicopter pilot that went viral yesterday including an alternate angle of the pickup and a painful video of the dude who dislocated his knee and required the rescue. Again, high praise to the pilot who was able to make such a smooth evac on the steeply pitched slope at 7,000ft up the Giffre massif mountain range in the Haute-Savoie region of the Alps in eastern France. Hell of a maneuver:

This is the comment to the above videos. Its a bit broken due to French to English translation but you will get the gist. If you speak french GO HERE for original:

“Dear friends, this year, I propose to you, as a wish, a rescue story on January 2, 2019, entitled YcroixI, dedicated to the PGHM Chamonix and my friends gendarmes, Bruno Tauziet , Franck Junod and Blaise Agresti .

On the program, hike out at the Anterne pass above Fayet. 1000 m vertical drop, cloudy conditions 7/8, CAVOK over 2000, very very hard snow. We are 6: Lorraine, Ferdinand, Adrien, Nicolas Derely, Emmanuel, a nephew and Bruno Tissier, a friend of Ferdinand. This is the first time that Lorraine and Bruno make skin. After a climb in the fog, we leave the clouds, as expected, in view of the Anterne refuge and the pass. We are in front of Mont Blanc, the view is breathtaking. Lorraine who, after a long negotiation, agreed to make this virile exit, takes the direction of the refuge. 

We tackle the 400m of steep and icy climb towards the pass. My 2 boys, followed by Emmanuel, prance. Bruno drooling. He is exhausted and can not do his conversions correctly. I coach him, make him do 4 in a row by patiently explaining what is a spatula, a ski upstream, downhill, ski parallel to the slope, etc. And I moved behind him at 2/3 of slope . We are more than 50 m, when, battles, Bruno slips back brutally, screams in pain, and finds himself on the stomach, facing the slope, left leg twisted at the knee. I unhook him, he is unable to move and explains to me that he has dislocated his knee. I force him to sit down, he is unable to stand up, I scream at the others who arrived at the pass that Bruno was injured. 

There is a lot of downwind wind, I cover Bruno with my jacket, cover his head, get out my phone, and miraculously, I have 4 bars and 4 g. I compose the 15th. The sequel is filmed in 3 parts, to look comfortably. First part, the Y. Second part, the cross. Third part, youpIiii I. Happy New Year, enjoy life, this beautiful gift made to you.”

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