I think we know who the real heroes are… | Photo: Jake Spurlock | Cover: emmeffe6

A 12 year-old boy owes his life to one noseworthy pup that had the wherewithal to dig tirelessly to find him amongst a massive pile of avalanche debris at the French ski area of La Plagne.

Without avalanche gear, the family of three ventured into an off-piste area and at some point– their boy was caught in a slide reports The Local. It’s unclear whether they actually triggered the avalanche or if it released naturally.

Know before you go | Photo: Richard Allaway

After being buried for some 40 minutes, the courageous dog located the boy, who suffered a broken leg in the incident. According to one source, the survival rate for those buried for over 40 minutes is a miniscule 20%.

In the meantime, the unidentified rescue dog will be awaiting his, ‘2018 Good Boy Award’ whilst chomping on a veal cutlet.

Find the entire Local article here: ‘It’s a miracle’: Boy survives 40-minute burial after avalanche in French Alps

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