“Meet Eva All-Foam Snowshoes from Crescent Moon, a new kind of snowshoe that makes getting out on snow this winter a much easier and more enjoyable experience than any other snowshoe design you’ve ever seen. It’s made entirely out of foam – and like any athletic running shoe you may be familiar with, is built for movement and easy to use.”

If you’re mind went straight to the thought of backsliding down an icy section of a hike they got you covered with these little “icespikes” you screw into the bottom (although it goes against the all foam claim).  The Eva is the only snowshoe that doesn’t have pivoting hinge, will last 4000 years and are supposedly silent in operation. You can get yourself a pair of Eva Foam Snowshoes for $179.95. Thoughts?

“The Eva Foam snowshoe is the first and only snowshoe that doesn’t rely on the awkward pivoting-hinge mechanism to function, but instead uses a rocker shaped platform to promote a seamless heel-to-toe motion for walking, just like a normal hiking or running shoe. Recommended for first timers, outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, runners, and people who love to get out in the snow.  It’s the best entry level snowshoe on the market!”

  • It’s the only snowshoe on earth that doesn’t rely upon or use a pivoting hinge to accommodate the natural rotation of your foot – it flexes and bends just like a pair of your favorite running shoes
  • This is not a toy – design and materials make the Eva a remarkable step forward in snowshoes
  • Dual Density foam provides both cushion and flexibility.
  • Simple, secure hook and loop bindings.
  • The only silent snowshoes on earth.
  • Serious traction with aggressive tire-like lugs all around the periphery of the bottom of the shoe
  • The addition of “ICESPIKES” for hard pack and icy conditions**.
  • Recyclable through athletic shoe recycling programs.
  • 8″ x 24″, 3.8 lbs/pair fits 5W to 15M, recommended for snowshoers up to 200 lbs.


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