For the first time in the companies history, Patagonia is endorsing two political candidates, both running for U.S. Senate and both running to protect public lands and waters. 

Patagonia Makes Another Bold Move to Protect Public Lands [Press Release]

In Nevada, home to our global distribution center, more than 650 employees and our famous Worn Wear repair center, Patagonia is supporting Jacky Rosen for U.S. Senate. Patagonia has worked with grassroots environmental nonprofits and the state’s leaders on some of the most important conservation accomplishments in the last 20 years. We have advocated for the protection of many of the Silver State’s most beautiful and important landscapes, including the Black Rock Desert-High Rock Canyon Emigrant Trails National Conservation Area; Gold Butte National Monument; Basin and Range National Monument; and millions of acres of wilderness in Clark, Lincoln, White Pine, Humboldt and Lyon counties. We are confident Jacky Rosen will be a great partner to ensure Nevada’s public lands are protected for future generations.

And in Montana, where for nearly three decades we’ve had an important outlet store and supported dozens of wholesale business partners, and where we created our 1% for the Planet program, we’re backing Senator Jon Tester for re-election. Patagonia’s conservation efforts in Montana date back to the late 1980s when the company began giving grants to support the Montana Wilderness Association. Since that time, we have provided nearly $5 million in grants to the state’s grassroots groups in support of protection of lands, waters and biodiversity. Most recently, we’ve supported the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Project, an effort championed by Senator Tester that proposes to expand the Bob Marshall, Mission Mountain and Scapegoat wilderness areas by close to 80,000 acres, while setting forth a collaborative vision that brings conservation, recreation, forest restoration and economic benefits.

Patagonia has fought for the protection of wild places since its founding and has been encouraging its community to vote with the planet in mind since 2004. The company is endorsing candidates for the first time this year because of the urgent and unprecedented threats to our public lands and waters. Nevada and Montana are two states where Patagonia has significant company history and a long record of conservation accomplishments, and where the stakes are too high to stay silent.

Hundreds of corporations back political candidates. The difference with our activism is that we put our logo on it.

This is not born from a desire to get into partisan politics. In fact, it’s the opposite—it’s about standing up for the millions of Americans who want to see wild places protected for future generations. That’s something we will always do, regardless of political party.

We will feature both endorsements on our website and social media, and in customer emails. Our democracy depends on showing up on Election Day, and our planet depends on leaders who will protect it.

Since you’re someone who has been covering these issues, we thought this news might be of interest to you. Please let us know if you have any further questions.

If you need it, here are relevant quotes:

From Patagonia CEO and President Rose Marcario:

“[Patagonia is proud to support] Jacky Rosen because she will fight to protect Nevada’s public lands and the vibrant outdoor industry that depends on them. Jacky has a strong record of defending public lands in Congress and protecting our access to clean air and clean waters. We need her leadership to protect Nevada’s economy and the basic health of its people, so the business community can thrive and so Nevadans can prosper. I hope all Nevadans vote in this vital election—and when they do, I encourage them to vote for Jacky Rosen.”

From Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard:

“We are supporting Jon Tester because he gives a damn about protecting public lands—and, like US, he’s committed to fight back against anyone who doesn’t. He goes to work every day for the 95 percent of Montanans who believe recreation on public lands is a priority, unlike Republicans in Congress who only serve the fossil fuel industry. He also knows something about living off the land—the only organic farmer in the Senate, and the only one bringing the beef he butchers through airport security when he has to travel to DC. Jon is a real advocate for hunters, hikers and Montana’s thriving outdoor economy at a time when threats to clean air, clean water and public land are worse than we’ve ever seen.”

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