Bad News For U.S. Skiing as Breezy Johnson Tears ACL

Bad News For U.S. Skiing as Breezy Johnson Tears ACL

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Bad News For U.S. Skiing as Breezy Johnson Tears ACL


Bad news for U.S. Skiing as rising young star Breezy Johnson endured a season-ending knee injury while training in Chile.

The up-and-coming 22-year-old reportedly hooked an edge and went down hard but did not report any concerning pops or noises during the fall. She was checked out in Chile where they believed she had a partial tear in her knee. Upon flying to Utah for an MRI, it was discovered she had a season-ending tear in her ACL.

‘”If this was the last season of my career or an Olympic year, I might consider just skiing on it,” said Johnson, who’s walking around on the knee with no real pain. “It doesn’t seem that unstable. But at 22 years old, I don’t want to ruin my knee now. I know I’ll be fine long-term and will be back and I will just have to keep working.’ – Breezy Johnson in an interview with The News Tribune

This is tough news for the youngster who made her World Cup debut in 2015 at the age of 19. Johnson enjoyed a successful 2017/2018 season and her results have been on the rapid upswing. She lined up with the fastest ladies in the world at the Pyeongchang Olympics and skied her way to a 7th place in the Downhill and a 14th in the Super G.

7th, DH, Pyeongchang, KOR, 2018
14th, SG, Pyeongchang, KOR, 2018

15th, DH, St. Moritz, SUI, 2017
28th, SG, St. Moritz, SUI, 2017
First World Championships in St. Moritz, SUI, 2017

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Sad to announce that training last week in Chile I tore my ACL. Original prognosis sounded like I might be okay, but upon further evaluation we discovered the unfortunate news. Now I’ll just have to have as speedy of a recovery as possible #likethewind . When I was younger I thought an ACL tear was the worst thing that could happen to a ski racer. Now I know better. ACL tears are, relatively speaking, pretty lucky in our world. Perhaps that makes things better. I have less fear about the surgery and rehab to come. Yes I know it will be difficult, painful, and aggravating, but I have dealt with all of those things before. But that luck cuts me like a two-edged sword because I also look to the future and see myself waiting for 14 excruciating (and I say excruciating in a mental sense) months to once again throw myself down a World Cup course, and all of that for a little ACL tear, which makes it feel a bit like a curse from the universe. Perhaps I was born to be a racer because while I love skiing, racing is my true passion. That feeling of flying down a course at 80 miles an hour, body and brain both working at full capacity to try to make you go even faster, that feeling is living. No, I will not miss an Olympics, and World Championships come back around in this sport. But for me the thought of spending 14 months without that true feeling of living, that feeling of racing, kills me a little bit inside. I would love to think that everything happens for a reason, that anything is possible, but my experience with this sport has dissuaded me from those illusions. So while I am grateful that this injury isn’t worse, the next 14 months feel like they might be the hardest I have ever faced.

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4th, DH, Garmisch, GER, 2018
8th, DH, Are, SWE, 2018
8th, DH, Garmisch, GER, 2018
11th, DH, Cortina d’Ampezzo, ITA, 2018
10th, DH, Lake Louise, CAN, 2018
11th, DH, Garmisch, GER, 2017
10th, DH, Cortina d’Ampezzo, ITA, 2017
16th, SG, Lake Louise, CAN, 2017 – US Ski and Snowboard

The Victor, Idaho native had big plans for upcoming winter with goals of competing on the World Cup stage. Johnson was also planning to plans train and ski with Superstar Lindsey Vonn who is rumored to be retiring after this season. Still, Johnson is keeping a level head and knows she has a very bright future.

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