As the overnight temperatures dip towards freezing across the Sierra Nevada Mountains, our minds begin to dream about the upcoming ski season. It is exciting to think about which ski pass to go with or which pair of powder skis to buy. One less sexy item that is worth serious consideration for skiers in California is a CALSTAR membership. This membership covers you in the event you need to be airlifted following an injury on the snow, hiking, biking or climbing.

With the increasing popularity of backcountry skiing, it is important to realize that injuries are far more serious in remote, alpine, zones. Seemingly minor injuries can become very serious when you are 10-miles from your car in mountainous terrain with sunset approaching.

CALSTAR covers your out-of-pocket expenses in the event you need to be airlifted in the during a medical emergency. This can be invaluable as being responsible for these expenses can be financially crippling. There are horror stories of skiers and climbers getting slapped with $25,000 bills for a short med flight.

Become a member of our growing community—the largest membership program of its kind in the United States. Membership costs just $85 a year for an entire household–or $65 a year for a senior household–and covers out-of-pocket expenses for a medically-necessary flight by any AirMedCare Network provider. We work on our member’s behalf to secure payment for the flight from their insurance provider. Whatever benefits the insurance benefits pays will be considered payment in full. This allows patients and their families to focus on what is most important–recovery. – CALSTAR

The main selling point? Enrollment is only $85 per year for your whole household. This could fall into the no-brainer category for outdoor adventurers.

Yes, there is some fine print to consider, but not much. The main takeaway is you will be covered for medical evacuations in 39 states by in-network AirMedCare providers. This covers pretty much any state you would be skiing in with the exception of Idaho, Washington, and the New England states. It might be a good idea for you Californians to consider this piece of insurance as it could save you many thousands of dollars.

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