There’s been gimicky electric surfboards in the past but this thing goes a legit 35mph so its tough to argue its performance. The Swedish company Awake Boards’s RÄVIK electric surfboard has run time of 40 minutes with mixed speeds and a charge time of 80 minutes so you’ll have to be patient to get rad. They cost $25K so you probably won’t see a ton of them buzzing around a body of water near you but hopefully with time the price comes down and the become more obtainable for you common adrenaline seeker. Learn more HERE.

Awake RÄVIK is the culmination of 18 months of development, testing, and perfecting. The result is a power packed electric machine that provides the riders with an amount of adrenaline that will keep them Awake for the next 24 hours.


Top speed: 30 knots / 56 kph
Acceleration: 0-50 kph in 4 seconds
Runtime: 40 min of mixed riding
Exchangeable battery: Yes
Charge time: 80 min
Wireless throttle: Yes
Carbon fiber body: Yes
Dimensions: 179x61x22 cm
Weight: 35 kg*

* Weight is the complete Awake board, including battery pack.


Order fee: € 1 000:-
First installment: € 8 950:-
Final payment: € 8 950:-

TOTAL PRICE: € 18 900 = $21,959

Expected delivery start: September


Power pack
Speed charger
Wireless throttle
Throttle induction charger
Magnetic Power key
Foot straps
Performance fins – MFC x Awake
Board bag on wheels