5 Ski Superstitions That Are 100% True

5 Ski Superstitions That Are 100% True


5 Ski Superstitions That Are 100% True


Nobody ever wants to spend a ski season on the sidelines, and unfortunately it just takes one serious injury to derail a potentially awesome winter. Any serious skier or snowboarder knows that giving offerings to/appeasing Ullr in order to keep oneself safe on the slopes is a must. For the sake of having an excellent 2018-2019 winter, here are some ski specific superstitions to be aware of.

Never call last run.

Never announce your last run for the day or you might just be doomed to get injured. The superstition is so real surrounding the ‘last run’ phenomenon, your friends may force you to take one more lap just to be safe.  

Image: Retallack powder skiing

No friends on a powder day.

It may be difficult to split from your loved ones when hitting the slopes but any serious ski bum will argue: ‘friends’ don’t really exist on powder days. For better or worse, we’re all chasing first tracks, so save the socializing for aprés.

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Always tap the cornice.

Ski patrol already blasted every cornice before you can even consider dropping in but that doesn’t stop self-respecting ski bums from giving it a little pole whack. The cornice is not going to break on you, but rumor has it you will ski exponentially better if you tap the cornice before dropping into your line.

Eric's boot

Buckle or fasten your boots equally.

Although it may not make perfect sense, true skier and snowboarders know that tightening boots equally is of utmost importance. If the left foot gets 3 more clicks than the right does as well. Why tempt Ullr’s fury?

Wash your car or shovel your driveway for more snow.

When mid-season drought strikes and the powder panic gets serious, many folks will tempt winter storms by cleaning off dirty cars and cleaning snowy driveways. If it hasn’t snowed in a while, clearing your driveway of all snow in January is sure to bring the return of winter storms– or so we hope.    

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