Maximo Kausch was born in Argentina, grew up in Brazil and spent the last few years in the UK but he’s most at home at high elevation in South America. Max holds the world record for number of 6000 meter peaks. This video gives us a brief overview of his 2 month mission going for base to base on an adapted motorcycle to climb all the 6000 meters peaks in the Argentinean and Chilean Andes…badass.

The world record in numbers:

  • 1st Person in History to climb all the peaks of Argentina and Chile above 6,000 meters
  • 12,000 km wheeled with his motorcycle In which she broke 9 times in the middle of the road
  • 1 theft during epic
  • 2 faced avalanches
  • 77 mountains
  • 37 years old 
  • nationalities: Brazilian, Argentine and English
  • 1,001 experiences to tell friends and family


images from Maximo Kausch ig