Photo (+Cover): Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

“Hikers spotted 19 elk caught up in an avalanche sometime in the past and recently revealed in the melting snow above No Name Lake in the Cascades. Biologists and rangers from several agencies investigated the newly exposed carcasses looking for clues to how long ago it occurred.” – Oregon Department Of Fish and Wildlife

Now that’s something you don’t expect on a nice summer hike with the family.

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Apparently these elk were killed in an avalanche sometime between 2016-2017 near Broken Top crater in Oregon’s Cascade Range. The elk appear to have been completely unaware of their impending doom as they were caught and buried underneath what must have been a massive amount of snow.

Experts think the elk were crossing the slope sometime after the 2016/2017 winter when a large wet slide released, ultimately decimating the herd of 19 elk. That year, Mt Bachelor received a whopping 451″ of snowfall according to

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