The new Corinthia Base Lodge under construction this past year. Photo courtesy of Mount Snow.

Last spring, Mount Snow announced that they were sending it big with $52 Million Worth of Upgrades. These upgrades included enormous snow-making improvements that accounted for the bulk of that budget. In addition, Peak Resorts indicated that a $22 million, 3800 square foot, lodge would be constructed in the Carinthia area. This new construction would replace the retro, 1960s-era lodge that was chock-full of history, but perhaps a little long in the tooth.

Fast forward a year and we have an press release from Peak Resorts on August 6. The release states that the new Carinthia Lodge will be fully operational on opening day in November.

The new, state-of-the-art lodge will include the amenities that today’s skiers and riders expect from a high-end ski resort. These include a sit-down restaurant, two bars, a multi-station cafeteria, retail offerings, rental facilities, a private lesson desk and an outdoor seating deck complete with fireplace and bar. The $22 million project, which was started in the summer of 2017, is currently on track to open when Mount Snow opens in November. – Peak Resorts Press Release

In addition to the reassuring news that the lodge will be completed for the upcoming ski season, it appears the lodge has also grown. It was originally reported to be 38,000 – square feet, but is now up to 42,000-square feet. Who doesn’t love more space?

Carinthia is a smaller peak that is located skiers right of the summit of Mount Snow. This peak features a quad that goes to the top and a double that runs approximately 60% up the hill. This whole peak is full of very impressive terrain parks. We fully expect to see plenty of tall-tees and monster energy drinks in the new lodge come November.