Cover Image: Mike Murphy | Above Image: NPS

According to a press release by the National Park Service today, portions of the Yosemite Valley and National Park will be closed “indefinitely” until they can guarantee safety. The valley itself wasn’t in danger of the Ferguson Fire but all access points to the national park are. The fire has also created unhealthy levels of smoke within the park’s boundaries.

Due to increased fire activity in the areas adjacent to and on Yosemite National Park, park administrators and fire managers have made the decision to extend the current park closures indefinitely. 

Over the past 48 hours, fire has impacted all of the roads used to access Yosemite Valley, burning dead and downed trees that can become very explosive and fall without warning. There are also significant terrain hazards for firefighters. These hazards, along with extreme fire behavior and frequent weather changes, have made this an extremely difficult fire fight. – NPS

The Furgeson Fire has already cost the lives of two people and injured seven others.

This is a sobering reminder for all of us who go camping or have fires out in the wilderness that out means out. If it’s been a while, make sure you know the Forest Service regulations for putting out the fire, and pay attention to all red flag warnings.

Stay safe out there.

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Click Here for the full press release from NPS