Did You Know There's Rad Heli-Skiing In Nevada?

Did You Know There's Rad Heli-Skiing In Nevada?


Did You Know There's Rad Heli-Skiing In Nevada?


When the heli can’t fly, the snow is still dry | All photos courtesy of Matt Bansak and Joe Royer 

When you think about heli-skiing in North America, 2k foot spines in Alaska or British Columbia are usually what come to mind. But did you know there is a rad heli-skiing operation in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada?

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The Ruby Mountains are located in Eastern NV just south of Elko. This under-the-radar mountain range is visible to those driving I-80 between Salt Lake City and Reno. The most famous thing about the “Rubies” is the Terminal Cancer Couloir, an iconic 1800′, high-walled couloir that is ranges between 8 feet wide at the top to 30-feet near bottom.

Unbeknownst to most, the Ruby Mountain Heli Experience runs a heli-skiing operation out of those exact same mountains. According to their website, the crown jewel is 11,387 Ruby Dome, the highest peak in the namesake range. Based on the photo evidence, the terrain is VERY impressive for the lower 48.

Heli Op Overview:

  • Eurocopter A-Star 350 B3’s
  • 1 Lodge
  • 2 Yurts
  •  200,000 skiable acres
  • 400+ heli landings

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Find out more here:  Ruby Mountain Heli-Experience

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