4FRNT Debuts Their Highly Anticipated MSP 107

4FRNT Debuts Their Highly Anticipated MSP 107


4FRNT Debuts Their Highly Anticipated MSP 107


Last week we posted a story regarding some interesting Aggressive Mid-Fat Skis From Smaller Companies Worth Considering For 2018/2019. One of the skis that made the list was the mysterious 4FRNT MSP 107 that was rumored to be making a debut shortly.

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As they say, patience is a virtue and 4FRNT’s lineup for the upcoming winter has been announced. Sure enough, more information is now available about the MSP 107.

“Last season we introduced the MSP99 and it immediately became our #1 selling ski, so we’ve now introduced this completely new wider MSP107 as a larger sibling. It expands the MSP series capabilities beyond the groomers and into the pow. The 107 is intuitive from the first turn instilling a higher level of confidence everywhere on the mountain. The dampness and stability inspire you to ski faster, while the tight sidecut carves on a dime. The tips are playful and extra wide for floating in the steep and deep with ease” – 4FRNT Skis

The MSP 107 offers some nice dimensions. A 107mm wasit with a 20m turn radius (181cm ski length) could make for a versatile daily driver for the western crowd. The rocker profile is pretty reasonable. The tips include a fair bit of early-rise rocker that is still pretty conservative a while also featuring a slightly raised tails that’s fairly new school. Camber underfoot will bring some edge hold on firmer surfaces and a layer of Titanal will add some strength and power to this ski. Such power really shines through on firm, fast mornings as well as afternoons blasting through crud.

The newly released product description states that this ski boasts“dampness and stability to inspire you to ski faster.” The million dollar question surrounding the MSP 107 is at what cost? The 4FRNT website has not yet posted weights for these skis but we imagine they’ll be slightly heavier than previous models. While a higher weight doesn’t necessarily mean a less responsive ski– in some cases it does.

In addition, we haven’t gotten our hands on a pair to give them the old flex test but we imagine 4FRNT is trying to match other proven hard-chargers like the Blizzard Cochise or Head Monster 108.

Find the entire collection here: 2018/2019 4FRNT Skis Lineup

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