There’s only one place in the United States that turns the methane captured from coal into electricity its the iconic ski resort Aspen. Its common practice in Europe and China but Aspen ski resort is pioneering the eco-friendly process stateside.

CGNT reports several truck generators stationed at the abandoned Elk Creek coal mine capture leaking methane and run it through a generator to generate electricity. It’s estimated the project has eliminated 3x the carbon pollution created by Aspen Ski Resort each year.

“It’s really a story of hope. It’s really a metaphor for what’s possible when American business starts to think about the bottom line and the long-term bottom line for a community and our country.” Sustainability Director for Aspen Skiing Co. Matthew Hamilton

The company that runs the project for Aspen claims it’s already made back more than half of its initial $500,000 investment. Lets hope this type of project gains traction in the United States and Aspen serves as an example of the profitability of sustainability.

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