The 4 People You Will Find On Every Ski Hill

The 4 People You Will Find On Every Ski Hill


The 4 People You Will Find On Every Ski Hill


Photo: Happy skiers + riders @Snowbasin

Every ski area has it’s characters; from the eccentric locals who give the area its character to the clueless visitors who foot the bills. Without fail you’re guaranteed to meet the next 4 folks at just about any ski area in the world.  

The Ski Racer: Getting his boots on long before you even decide to ski for the day, Mr. Racer lives to go fast and win. You first meet Mr. Racer after tripping over his boot bag in the lodge where his team is having a ‘strategic’ meeting. When the storm of the season lays down 2’ of fresh, Mr. Racer doesn’t pay mind as he digs out his race gates and rips giant slalom turns. As the 12pm crew rolls into the mountain, Mr. Racer is already packed up and eating a high protein organic meal.    

Photo: USDA

The Jerry: Spilling his rental equipment all over the stairs, Mr. Jerry just came for a good old family vacation. His boots are too tight, jeans too wet and spirit crushed; but Mr. Jerry will endure on for the sake of family memories. After crashing into you in the lift line, Jerry is sincere and apologetic but fails to get his feet underneath him as he falls over and over again. The highlight of his day is a $20 lodge cheeseburger before the 2wd family minivan slides off the road.  

The Too-Cool Tele Dude: As soon as you get on the lift you meet Mr. Telemark who has to remind you he isn’t just another alpine skier “I tele only” he remarks. Mr. Telemark doesn’t care for snowboarding or ‘boring’ old skiing but lives for the free-heel lifestyle. He may be slower than most on the hill but his turns please his soul. Powder, bluebird or bulletproof ice; Mr. Telemark is always out making the most of his season pass, eating PBJ’s and replacing the duct tape on his 2 decade old Scarpa Boots.     

Photo: Ruth Hartnup

The Teenage Snowboarder: Blaring ignorant mumble rap from his backpack as he sideslips the entire run, the Teenage Snowboarder is sure to capture every run  on his GoPro. Regardless of any impending blizzard Mr. Boarder wears a cotton hoodie all season long and is quick to bash those ‘lame skiers’. After a sweet afternoon of getting mediocre video footage, a 20oz. Mountain Dew lunch refreshes Mr. Boarder before Mom picks him up.

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