WATCH: Standup Paddling Alaska Style

WATCH: Standup Paddling Alaska Style


WATCH: Standup Paddling Alaska Style


Well that is about as cool as you will ever looks on a SUP. Judging by the crowd reaction this was either the first or 50th attempt at this. Make sure to send along a SUPer that likes getting rad:

For inspiration to go on your own cold water southern Alaskan excursion follow Spencer Lacy HERE.

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We went big! We followed the Tatsenshini and Alsek Rivers from where we could barely float a boat and lunch occurred on ice shelves to where seals curiously followed us and we could scarcely see across the riverbed. The river carried us into mountain ranges in which our ski objectives lay around every bend and glaciers gorged the landscape. After 20 days without seeing a single other human, the good times and incredible morale of our 10 man crew was what ultimately made the trip an experience of a lifetime. Cheers to these guys! @mason_lacy @joeyschusler @lukefarny @phatburgerinparadise @mattsegal @powlermonkey @sam_seward @benpagefilms @thomaswoodson . . . @nrsweb @outdoorresearch @bigagnes_ @badfishsup @kokopellipackraft @pit_viper @alpinestartfoods

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