Boyne Secures Footing By Purchasing 6 Ski Areas

Boyne Secures Footing By Purchasing 6 Ski Areas


Boyne Secures Footing By Purchasing 6 Ski Areas


While the Epic vs. Ikon weapons race for market share continues onwards and upwards, Boyne is quietly cementing itself as an extremely formidable player in the ski industry.

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Their long-term leases have included some of the most highly efficient, well-run mountain operations in North America and now they’re going all in. This week Boyne purchased 6 of its long term leases outright and as such have cemented themselves as a big time resort company in the process.

Cypress Mountain, BC | Photo: Cypress Mountain

The purchased ski areas include Brighton (UT), Loon (NH), Sugarloaf (ME), Sunday River (ME), Summit at Snoqualmie (WA), and Cypress Mountain (BC) reports the Vancouver Sun. They also own Big Sky (MT) as well as Boyne Mountain (MI).

What’s remarkable about their fully owned portfolio is its diversity of visitors. They now include everything from massive urban centers such as Vancouver, Salt Lake City, Portland (*Maine), and Seattle. With those large populations nearby, Boyne could be undercutting the rest of the industry with this ‘more bang for your buck’ mentality.

Find the entire Vancouver Sun article here: Michigan-based Boyne completes purchase of 6 ski resorts including Cypress Mountain

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