VIDEO: Meet Snowkiting's Leading Advocate

VIDEO: Meet Snowkiting's Leading Advocate


VIDEO: Meet Snowkiting's Leading Advocate


“Snowkiting—a relatively unknown sport—is the fastest growing snow sport in the world.”

I guess the above factoid might be true given any addition to the small number of dedicated snowkiters would move the needle on overall participation but as they say, a talented statistician can make the numbers say just about anything.

If you’re looking for kiteskiing’s head recruit, meet Tom Fredericks.  Tom moved to Alaska 12 years ago to pursue his passion after starting his kiteskiing career in Hood River, Oregon, and his company, Alaska Kite Adventures, hosts a snowkiting festival to attract some of the best athletes to Thompson Pass every year.

If you’re looking to dabble consider heading out to AK next spring around the end of March beginning of April for the Thompson Pass Snowkite and Airsports festival. FIND INFO HERE.

Check out this Speedriding mini video in Thompson Pass, featuring Joe Shimek’s quad-copter cam:



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