NEW PRODUCT: Mini-Skis With Patented "Stabilizing Tail"

NEW PRODUCT: Mini-Skis With Patented "Stabilizing Tail"


NEW PRODUCT: Mini-Skis With Patented "Stabilizing Tail"


What do you think of this new take on the ski-blade thats currently raising funds on Kickstarter? Its pretty much a standard mini-ski that will sell for $490 with the addition of the patented “stabilizing tail” seen below:

Here’s the pitch from their crowfunding campaign:

STAKI Controls are a new generation of compact-size skis providing performance enhancement and safety. The special stabilising tail with metal edges ensure that the skis will not slip, unlike with standard skis. It slows down and returns the skier back to a stable position. The skis’ geometric structure combined with a patented innovative tail gives you the ability to maintain a balanced position and prevents you from flinging back while skiing on an uneven surface. With this feature, the skis are suitable for both beginners and experienced skiers who enjoy leaving the groomed slopes behind in favour of off-piste, backcountry skiing. STAKIs come with adjustable binding, which is incredibly comfortable compared to common binding used on any other type of skis, including snowblades.”

You can check out the kickstarter campaign HERE and decide if you want to fund.

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