Photo: Alyeska Resort | Cover:  Ralph Kristopher

Outside the in-your-face heli-skiing culture that surrounds Valdez and Haines, chairlift skiing in Alaska is somewhat of an anomaly and we have no idea why.

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Located in Girdwood, AK, Alyeska Resort is easily a top tier ski area that boasts mom and pop lift lines and copious amounts of snow laden terrain for huckers and cruisers alike. So in order to shout out our northernmost neighbors, we’ve compiled a list of 5 reasons why Alyeska is like no other ski area on planet Earth.

5) The Night Time Is The Right Time

Nighskiing at Alyeska can be a genuine mind-blower. Top notch bulbs reflect the snow, and the more it snows– the visibility improves. Make sure to bring a clear goggle lens, an extra layer and buff.

4) Steep/Deep

Once the upper mountain opens (*usually sometime in February or March weather permitting), the terrain is big-time. Cliff bands, lengthy couloirs, big open bowls are all common in the North Face and Upper Bowl regions of this gem of a ski resort.

3) Ski AK Terrain Without Renting The Heli

Ski bums who’ve been heli-skiing can pay their respects to a lucky (*scratch off?) or extremely reckless (*Vegas?) financial history. Avoid chance altogether and visit Alyeska. And maybe– just maybe keep buying Powerball tickets.

2) The Quirkiest Ski Bar In North America

With icons like Bob Weir stopping by from time to time, The Sitzmark is an unlikely but easy favorite for best live, ski town venue in North America. Sure, the Belly Up in Aspen gets great acts but nobody has a stained glass roofing. There’s just no ski bar on Earth like the Sitz.

1) The Only Sea-Level Ski Area In North America

Skiing next to the ocean not only provides for big snowfall amounts but it also provides for big vistas that are capable of making some seriously special moments. Such as– skiing waist deep blower while the sun sets on the Turnagain Arm. Yeah, that.

Find out more here: Alyeska Resort

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