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“We’re trying to find the best solution for transportation up the canyons. A toll is an option for that process. Right now, it’s still in the research stage for us. Tolling is actually going to be a bigger part of what we deal with our roads. We’re going to double in population over the next 30 years, and we’re going to need to have these kind of tools in our tool belt.” –Spokesman Paul Marshall

It’s no coincidence that the busiest roads in Utah lead to some of the state’s best skiing and with bumper-to-bumper traffic not out of the ordinary, Senator Niederhauser filed bill himself to expand toll collection authority. He filed Senate Bill 71 ahead of the 2018 legislative session and specifically named the Cottonwood canyons as toll roads when he spoke with FOX 13:

“Our impacts are being felt now in those canyons and they’re a treasure for us. It’s the ‘Greatest Snow on Earth’ and that’s where you find it, it’s in those Cottonwood canyons. Tolling is going be a big part of what we do to incentivize people to carpool and get on a bus to get up Little Cottonwood Canyon.” 

How would you feel about paying a toll on your way up to ski? Do you think there is a better solution? Sound off in the comments.


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