It’s not designed to float the entire skier but to enable easy and rapid location of people buried by an avalanche. I think the ROTAUF HLT5 Avalanche Buoy is just a concept because I can’t find the place to buy on the website but it’s an interesting product nonetheless: 

“Intuitive, easy handling is essential in an avalanche. Before heading into the backcountry, the MRK5-Module is unlocked, and its handle pops out automatically. The handle is readily accessible, if and when it’s needed. The HLT5-Holster with integrated avalanche buoy enables easy and rapid location of people buried by an avalanche. Light weight, high comfort and its ease of use characterize the valuable companion on ski tours and freeriding.”

In the event of an avalanche, the user pulls the handle and tosses it away from himself. The bright-colored, durable float inflates immediately.

The bright-colored float can be seen from far away. This helps rescuers locate the victim immediately, even while enduring the tremendous stress of an avalanche. Multiple buried victims can also be located more quickly and simply.The thin line easily cuts through the snow, providing the exact position of the victim. Digging along the line brings you directly to the victim.

“With the HLT5-Holster, ROTAUF offers a small, lightweight and inexpensive system that simplifies searches and reduces rescue time significantly.

The Holster is quite intuitive and easy to operate.The user pops the handle out before going into the backcountry, so it’s readily available in case of an avalanche. If an avalanche occurs, the victim can quickly grab and pull the handle, inflating the bright, easily identified float.

While the ROTAUF MRK5 expedites the avalanche search and rescue process, it is not a replacement for standard backcountry equipment like an avalanche beacon and avalanche probe. It is one more tool that can help rescuers – especially less experienced ones – find and dig out their companions.

Core of the HLT5-Holster is the MRK5-Module. After triggering the inflation of the float, the HLT5-Holster can be reloaded with a new MRK5-Module.
Reloading is simple and can be performed safely by the user. The MRK5-Module is simply tied to the GRT200-Strap with a Lark’s knot.”