WATCH: Clearing Snow With A Flame-Thrower ($799)

WATCH: Clearing Snow With A Flame-Thrower ($799)


WATCH: Clearing Snow With A Flame-Thrower ($799)


They might not be legal in California or Maryland but with an effective range up to and beyond 25 feet from the nozzle, this might be the most entertaining way to clear your driveway I have ever seen.  The company that makes the world’s first the world’s first fully handheld, grab and go flame thrower ($799) actually advertises clearing snow as a practical application of the product (they also include destroying hordes of zombies efficiently so take it for what its worth.)

Product description below: 

THE FIRST AND ONLY: The XM42 Flame Thrower is the world’s first fully handheld, grab and go flame thrower on the market. No heavy pressurized tanks, no silly car-wash sprayers. NOTE:THIS IS A RIGHT HANDED, Generation 3 MODEL!

ELEGANT & POWERFUL: Developed with both aesthetics and performance in mind, the XM42 excels in all aspects. We wanted to bring a device to the market that represents what a real flamethrower should be.

EASY AND FUN: Simple to use, endless possibilities for entertainment and utility. Start your bonfire from across the yard, or kill the weeds between your cracks in style.

EFFECTIVE RANGE: Up to and beyond 25 feet from the nozzle

FUEL CONSUMPTION: The current fuel reservoir can allow for up to 38 seconds of constant full-on operation (if you so desired). The trigger switch can be operated momentarily or held on as long as desired until the tank is empty.

HOW TO “RELOAD”: Simply turn off the pilot torch knob, open the fuel tank cap, and pour your fuel in. No worries about pressurization or needing to mix any additives. Officially approved fuels: Gasoline (unleaded), gasoline-diesel mixture, alcohol. Firefighters and controlled burn specialists typically use 30% diesel, 70% gasoline. Diesel won’t burn unless the ambient temperature is extremely high (126°F). The gasoline burning keeps the diesel above its flash point, and the nature of diesel keeps it around long enough to completely incinerate the foliage it is directed at.

BATTERY LIFE: Fully charged, the battery will hold around 12.6 volts. In our testing, we’ve been able to use the system for at least 50+ tank refills with the voltage still within safe levels (above 10 volts). It is important for lithium polymer batteries to remain above a particular voltage. In this battery’s case, 10 volts is the level where charging is an absolute must.


-clearing snow/ice

-eliminating weeds between pavement cracks

-controlled burns/ground-clearing of foliage/agricultural

-insect control

-pyrotechnic event displays

-bonfire starting

-Destroying hordes of zombies efficiently

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*** Not legal in California or Maryland

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