Just make sure the tuner who mounts your skis is trustworthy… | Cover Image: Look-Bindings 

Perhaps we’re just like your crusty ski tuner who’s constantly claiming, “they’re only 3 real bindings on the market.”

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But until Sage and Seth start riding Knee Bindings, we’re gonna go ahead and stick with these 3 mainstays. For one, these bindings have a lot of history. Secondly, they’re used by the best of the best who can’t afford to pre-release on 3k’ AK spine walls.

*Accept no substitutes.

Look – Pivot 18

With 28mm of travel in the heel, The Look 18 Pivot is easily one of the most innovative models on the market. With its ‘Pivot’ technology and mostly metal build, Look’s premier freeride binding is about as trustworthy as they come. That said, they are a little heavy and those who want a little less weight might like Salomon and Marker’s offerings.

“LOOK is the only binding brand to develop a true mechanical upward release that functions independently from the heel for the most effective multi-directional protection in the case of a fall.”


  • 180 Degree Toe Release
  • 5.73 lbs
  • Coupling Strength
  • Natural Stance
  • 28mm of Elastic Travel in the Heel
  • Short Mounting Zone

Buy here: Look – Pivot 18

Salomon – STH2 16 WTR

The binding manufacturer to create the first releasable ski binding, it’s no surprise that Salomon continues to be a league leader in binding sales. When it comes to performance freeride bindings, the Salomon STH2 16 WTR is among the best– which is why Scot Schmidt and Seth Morrison trust Salomon to take them where they need to go.


  • DIN Range: 7 – 16
  • Weight: 5 lbs 6.1 oz
  • Toe piece: 3D Driver Toe
  • Brakes: Freeski
  • Chassis: Low profile

Buy here: Salmon – STH2 16 WTR

Marker – Jester 18 Pro

The lightest high performance binding on the market, The Jester Pro is used by pro skiers far and wide. Candide Thovex likes the Jester for its lightweight nature, which allows for quicker mid-air movements than other competing brands. The one complaint has been its abundance of plastic, which has the capacity to fail after 150 days of skiing @Jackson. Trust me, I know from experience…


  • 8-18 DIN range accommodates expert-level skiers
  • Weight – 2.43 lbs
  • Compatible with standard alpine boots
  • Horizontal torsion box reinforcement enhances power
  • Magnesium parts withstand big hits and heavy use
  • Fixed AFD increases retention and power transmission

Buy here: Marker – Jester Pro

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