SHRED Optics Forges Their Own Path With Revolutionary Lens Material

SHRED Optics Forges Their Own Path With Revolutionary Lens Material


SHRED Optics Forges Their Own Path With Revolutionary Lens Material


The Belushki | Photo: Shred Optics

Tired of buying new shades whose lenses boast subpar clarity and get scratched to hell within the first week? So are we, and so is Shred Optics.

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So instead of using the same old material for the same old sunglasses, Ted Ligety and his coufounder, Carlo Salmini are starting fresh with new lenses, new frames, and a whole new outlook on the sunglasses industry.

By ditching CR-39 or polycarbonate lenses that currently dominate the market, Shred has crafted a pair of sunglasses with unrivaled clarity for the price point. Employing top-flite urethane lenses, Shred’s new shades offer the clearest perspective we’ve seen outside of high quality glass lenses (*glass lenses typically weigh twice as much as their plastic counterparts). But what tiny fraction of clarity they lack compared to glass, they more than make up for in durability and weight.

“Rather than embracing the status quo, we moved beyond it. In lieu of CR-39 or polycarbonate lenses, we use liquid-cast urethane lenses of the highest optical grade, which also offer the best impact resistance and durability. By liquid casting our lenses in glass molds, we ensure they’re free of distortion. In addition to offering crystal clear vision, urethane lenses are exceptionally light and provide excellent scratch and shatter resistance.” 

When looking for a pair of shades for the upcoming season, it’s hard to go wrong with the Belushki. That is unless you’re like me and have a monster head. If that’s the case, Shred’s Stomp and Provocateur offer larger frame sizes.

After trying the Belushki we noticed three things…

  1. These are the clearest non glass lenses we’ve ever looked through
  2. These are the lightest glasses we’ve ever put on our noggin
  3. The frame is amazingly flexible/durable. 

Find out more here: SHRED Sunglasses — A Better Way to See the World

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