This Attachment Allows You To Go Skiing In Snowboard Boots

This Attachment Allows You To Go Skiing In Snowboard Boots


This Attachment Allows You To Go Skiing In Snowboard Boots


Well folks, it happened. Just when we thought we’d outdone ourselves with innovations like Ruroc helmets andThe Ski Taker,” some startup comes and blows up the game– claiming easily the most Jerry inspired innovation of all time.

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First off, we haven’t tried Envy Snow Sports new snowboarding boot, ski frame system. Without having actually attempted to arc turns in them, I’ll withhold my main judgments that I’m sure will be found in the Facebook comments section anyway. With that admission out of the way, one tester from Snowbird’s adaptive skiing program makes an unbelievable point.

“It works great for a cerebral palsy skier because they can’t get their foot into a hard shell ski boot, but the snowboard boots work perfectly. We are glad to add the Envy Ski Frame to our mountain.” – JAKE, WASATCH ADAPTIVE SPORTS; SNOWBIRD, UT

That’s good stuff, plain and simple. We encourage anything that helps people getting on the mountain. 

But that said, this isn’t making a big time splash in the ski industry. That’s because it’s a question we stop asking ourselves after 14: “Why can’t ski boots be as comfortable as snowboard boots?” In 2017, it’s a simple question with and equally simple answer.

Answer: Now they can…  but at what price?

Big questions we still have include

  1. What’s “optimal forward flex?” 140?
  2. What about ski touring performance?
  3. Does the adjustable toe strap really deliver “ULTIMATE CONTROL AND PERFORMANCE?”

About Envy Snow Sports

The new revolutionary Envy Ski Frame allows skiers to go alpine skiing in top manufacturer snowboard boots. Skiers can now enjoy soft, warm, and comfortable boots on the slopes, around the lodge, and walking to and from the mountain. The lightweight Envy Ski Frame is compatible with all standard alpine ski bindings and provides the support and performance needed for ski control.

Find out more here: Envy Snow Sports

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