NOAA Issues 8-14 Day Outlook | PNW To See Snow All Week!

NOAA Issues 8-14 Day Outlook | PNW To See Snow All Week!


NOAA Issues 8-14 Day Outlook | PNW To See Snow All Week!


Storms continue to back up in the central Pacific | Photo (+Cover): NOAA

  • Snow, below average temps to stretch from PNW > Northern Sierra
  • Below average precipitation, above average temps for central Rockies + New England

While the central rockies sit high and dry this week, a series of winter storms is backing up in Pacific and NOAA is forecasting cold and wet weather for the PNW over the next two weeks.

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The current 8-14 day NOAA outlook has the PNW looking cold and snowy all the way through Halloween and that’s good news for ski areas like Bachelor, Crystal, and Mount Baker– all of whom could see an early openings if Ullr decides to turn on the hose between now and the beginning of November.

“Following a dry weekend, medium range models favoring cool and wet conditions in the 8-14 day outlook.”NWS Spokane

The temperature and moisture models say a cooler, wetter October will stretch all the way from BC down to the northern Sierra, where ski areas like Squaw Valley and Sugar Bowl should see snowfall before the end of the month.

Mount Baker Forecast:

The central rockies and northeast should remain below average as far as snowfall goes. New England in particular is forecasted to see quite the Indian Summer extend through November with a 70% chance of higher than average temps.

8-14 Day Temperature/Precipitation Outlooks [NOAA]:

Find out more here: 8 to 14 Day Outlooks

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