Burton Snowboards New Step On™ Strapless Binding System Available First Week of November

Burton Snowboards New Step On™ Strapless Binding System Available First Week of November


Burton Snowboards New Step On™ Strapless Binding System Available First Week of November


“Prepare to experience unprecedented convenience and performance.”

The much anticipated release of the Burton Step On™strapless binding system is upon us. They are available for pre-order now and will be released November 2nd.  If you want to ride the binding you have to purchase compatible Burton boots. The packages start at $549.90 and go up to $649.90 for higher end boots.

While many are quick to disparage any binding systems that go against the grain of traditional strap-in designs, you have to respect Burton for putting in the R&D to give riders another option for on hill convenience. Now we just sit back and see if their gamble pays off. 


Step On offers a similarly speedy boot binding integration, but unlike previous systems, it delivers the same performance you would expect from a traditional strap binding system. Some previous systems were heavier, less reliable and didn’t provide an ideal level of response. Step On offers quicker and easier entry and exit, along with lightweight reliability, while providing the same (if not greater) performance and safety you’d expect from traditional strap bindings.


Using similar technology to what we have been using in our traditional strap buckles for years, the Step On binding locks your boot into the binding without the need for straps. Three connection points – two by the toe and one at the heel – deliver unmatched security and board control by locking the boot to the binding.TOE CLEAT:

Located on the toes of each boot’s forefoot, toe cleats keep the toes securely fastened in the Step On binding. Dual component design ensures maximum durability.HEEL CLEAT:

Designed using the same principles as locking teeth found in traditional binding buckles, this component found on the heel of all Step On boots acts as the primary retention component for the Step On system.


These hooks, found on the toe side of each Step On baseplate, act as the secondary retention system, in concert with the toe cleats. An integrated living hinge allows riders to engage and exit from the baseplate in one single motion.


The Release Lever is a low-profile, easy-access lever found on the heelcup of the binding. Pull the lever up, let it go, and the boot is released, allowing the rider to step out. The handle automatically resets after you step out, allowing riders to step back on instantaneously.

[images from burton snowboards]

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