Absolutely Massive Rope Swing From Tahoe

Absolutely Massive Rope Swing From Tahoe


Absolutely Massive Rope Swing From Tahoe


Video from Nick Coulter shows an absolutely massive rope swing above Lake Tahoe, CA. 

The monster rope swing created by Mike Wilson is back! 7 years later a new generation of huckery has taken on the challenge of the biggest known rope swing ever into a water. Not just any water, but the beautiful crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe. No one on this planet except Mike Wilson would hit this swing without being extremely nervous. With that being said Nick Coulter made sure he assembled the most experienced extreme athletes capable of hitting this swing successfully and safely. It all started off as a trip to the hardware store. Add some creativity and imagination then you got a childhood activity on a monumental scale. Hang on!! It’s another wild ride brought to you by Coulter Productions.

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