The U.S. Olympic Committee wants to bring the games back to the U.S. and Denver is falling in their crosshairs. Colorado’s biggest city is currently on a short list of potential sites to bid for the 2026 or the 2030 games in including Reno and Salt Lake City.

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There have been opponents to hosting the games in Denver since it was first shot down by a 59% vote leading up to the 1976 games and their arguments haven’t changed much since the disco era.

Those arguments include but are not limited to– insuficient infrastructure, lack of Olympic venues, and distance to those venues (*1:30 drive to the nearest mountains).

Both citizens and elected officials fear it would be an economic disaster for the Mile High City and there are plenty of examples of recent host cities that support that argument.

How would you feel about Denver hosting the games?

Do you think it’s time to come around and have an Winter Olympics in Colorado or should the city take their name out of the hat?

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