Aspen Skiing Co. New Ad Campaign Promotes ‘The Aspen Way’

Aspen Skiing Co. New Ad Campaign Promotes ‘The Aspen Way’


Aspen Skiing Co. New Ad Campaign Promotes ‘The Aspen Way’


Love, Respect, Unity and Commit.  These four words are the bedrock of Aspen Ski Co. new advertisement campaign launched Thursday. The Aspen Times spoke with Skico’s Christian Knapp who aknowledged some people might disagree with their 4 word summation of the resorts ethos:

“We know there will be some criticism of this campaign. We know it’s not going to appeal to every person. That’s OK. We want to take a stand and feel the time is right to do that. We knew we wanted a campaign and a branding position that was going to differentiate Aspen from the others, wasn’t going to be like everybody else because this place isn’t like everywhere else. The videos are what really is going to bring this to life.”

Here is how they are explaining the new campaign on the Aspen Snowmass official website:

“This past spring you might have seen four big, meaningful words standing tall on the mountains. Some came and went quickly. (You can only hang giant letters from a gondola cable for so long). Others stayed for a while. In all cases, they represent the intersection of values, principles and ideas that Aspen Snowmass holds close. But what’s the point? We believe there’s never been a more important time to proclaim from the mountaintops what we stand for, and embrace what brings us together as people. Be on the lookout for a four-part series showing just how much these values mean to us—and consider stepping into the conversation. It’s #TheAspenWay.”

LOVE: No one chooses love. It finds you. Aspen fell for Gay Ski Week in the 1970s. We only regret not finding each other sooner. The only question now is how we open our hearts even bigger. Not just to people, but to the whole world around us. Love—it’s #TheAspenWay.

UNITY: The mountains don’t discriminate, and neither do we. Neither should anyone. Ethnicity, religion, race, gender-identity. We’re better together. On the mountain, at work, as a nation, as members of the human race. Unity—it’s #TheAspenWay.

The Aspen Way Respect

RESPECT: Sometimes respect isn’t passive, and means more than leaving things be. Sometimes it means sticking up for something. Like the environment, so the next generation can ski or ride. Or the value of science and the certainty of facts. Or even respect for each other. Respect—it’s #TheAspenWay.

The Aspen Way Commit

COMMIT: That knot in your stomach? It’s a sign you’re about to do something uncomfortable, risky even. Could be dropping into the halfpipe or riding a chairlift for the first time. Could be heading to a street protest or speaking up when it’s not easy. Bottom line: it’s always worth it. Commit—it’s #TheAspenWay.

***if you had 4 words to describe your mountain’s way what would they be? Please respond in the comments.

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