NH's Mount Washington Could See Snow Tonight!

NH's Mount Washington Could See Snow Tonight!


NH's Mount Washington Could See Snow Tonight!


Fact. | Photo: Rebecca Siegel | Cover Photo: Jason

An upcoming cold front is forecasted to deliver below freezing temps and precipitation to New Hampshire’s Mount Washington is what could very likely be its first snowfall event of the 2017/2018 ski season.

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According to the Mount Washington Observatory, temps will drop in the next two days with accompanying moisture that could turn into snowfall if the forecasted conditions hold up. What we can expect almost certainly is the formation of huge rimecicles across the mountain’s summit.


Mount Washington Observatory Summit Forecast:

A strong cold front will cross the White Mountains today, ushering in below freezing temperatures to start the month of September. The higher summits will remain mostly in the clouds over the next 48 hours, with any rain showers potentially mixing with snow before ending this evening. Wintry conditions will take hold above tree line overnight, with strong winds, fog, and below freezing temperatures likely resulting in significant rime ice accrual on the summit. Temperatures will struggle to rise out of the 20s Friday, with near-hurricane force winds keeping wind chills in the single digits. High pressure will become centered over the Northeast Friday night, with clearing conditions and temperatures returning back to near average in the 40s for Saturday.

Find the entire forecast here: CURRENT SUMMIT FORECAST

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