'Landmark Estates' | Real Estate Site Trolls Trump On Public Lands Stance

'Landmark Estates' | Real Estate Site Trolls Trump On Public Lands Stance

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'Landmark Estates' | Real Estate Site Trolls Trump On Public Lands Stance


All photos courtesy of ParksForSale.com

“Turning public good into private luxury”

Well played Wilderness Society. Well. Played.

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The site whose domain name says it all is picture perfect Trump style and I’ve got to admit– there’s just something about the black and gold that’s alluring–tempting– seductive even.

“With a solid insurance policy and an entrance gate on Highway 211, a savvy entrepreneur could be making $200 per person per day off the rock climbers who flock to Bears Ears National Monument from all over the world to spend their days scaling sandstone cliffs. And that’s just one of many business opportunities available in Bears Ears—there are also ample places to drill for oil and gas. An untouched national monument can be your canvas, however you’d like to develop it!” – Bears Ears National Monument Property Description

On the site, the two agents are listed as Donald J himself as well as Interior Department Head and Montana native, Ryan Zinke. The prices are outrageous as are the descriptions and you gotta see them for yourselves. Prepare to laugh or cry– probably both.

Find the rest of the listings here: Landmark Estates

Parody Disclaimer: 

This real estate site is a parody intended to highlight President Trump’s outrageous and unprecedented review of 27 parks and public lands. About potentially reducing protection for Bears Ears National Monument, he bragged, “It sounds like the largest real estate deal I could ever be involved in.” Sadly, he wasn’t far off— in our opinion, this is just one step of a larger campaign to sell out our public lands for oil and gas and other development. Don’t let lawmakers put these iconic landscapes on the market. – Wilderness Society

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