Just see what it tastes like… | Photo (+Cover): Third Edge Heli – Greg Harms

A typical trip inquiry for Third Edge Heli – Chile goes something like this: “How much vert can I get in a day?” The guide’s response, “Over 70k feet… on a good day.” [Crickets…]

Straight up those numbers are hard to believe but what they say is true: the Andes have the longest, most accessible heli runs on the entire planet. That said, getting on top of your line is only one piece of the Chilean powder pie.

“We set every trip up like we would for a professional skier or snowboarder.” – Third Edge Heli

On a typical day spent with Third Edge Heli’s Chilean outfit, a guest can expect to begin their day by getting scooped from a rooftop heli pad in downtown Santiago before flying up and away into some of the world’s biggest and best mountains.

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While some would argue the Himalaya hosts longer runs, nowhere else are the heli laps as accessible and for lack of a better word– easy. Each chopper hosts small groups of 3 guests, allowing for more vert in less time than anywhere else in the world. At the end of the day, fly back to Santiago for an après session like you’ve never experienced before.

*Third Edge Heli also has the ability to base out of Ski La Parva, Valle Nevado, as well as a series of private lodges.

This year, Third Edge Heli has 3 separate opportunities available starting in August and going all the way through September. If you’ve got the time and cash, there’s no better ski partners in the world than heli-ski pioneer Greg Harms and his über talented guide staff.

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Third Edge Heli – Chile | Trip Dates/Availability:

  • 08/12 – 08/19 (*individual spots available)
  • 08/26 – 09/02 (*3 packs available)

  • 09/10 – 09/16 (* 3 packs available)

Book your trip through Heli: Third Edge Heli | Chile

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