Better Business Bureau Warning Consumers To Avoid This Scam Ski Company

Better Business Bureau Warning Consumers To Avoid This Scam Ski Company


Better Business Bureau Warning Consumers To Avoid This Scam Ski Company


Revision skis went from flying high to dumpster worthy in record time

What started out as a crowdfunded ski manufacturing company, Revision Skis has been relegated to the bargain bin after the Better Business Bureau warned customers to avoid buying their products last week.

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According to Fox 31 Denver, the BBB warning came on the heels of a number of customers saying that the skis they’d ordered were never delivered. Revision Skis has failed to reply to customer questions regarding their orders and continue to ignore calls from the Better Business Bureau.

Customers have reported losing anywhere between $300-750 on previous orders that were never delivered.

Most of the skis were ordered during the 2016 season and over a year later, customers are still pissed at the Colorado-based ski company. One customer even claimed that the company offered a fake customer coupon for what they referred to as a simple “delay.” The customer claims, “[the coupon] was worthless because… there was no code or way to use it.” The company’s website is currently down. 

The owner of Revision Skis and former founder of Epic Planks, Bill Wanrooy continues to ignore emails and calls from multiple media sources. That move has the power to land him in hot water legally speaking. That is if any of these disgruntled customers want to take him to small claims court…

Andy N. BBB Review- “This is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with in my entire life. I, like many others, placed an order, and paid in full, for a pair of skis back in August of 2016. The skis were supposed to arrive November of that year. It is March of 2017. The skis are nowhere to be found. The employees at the company have all apparently jumped ship or they just blatantly disregard all of their customer inquiries. I haven’t received a response since the beginning of February. A total joke customer service. Disappointing, frustrating, embarrassing. They clearly have some backwards priorities and don’t care whatsoever about their customers.”

File a complaint here: Better Business Bureau Reviews & Complaints

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