Barb Wire Booby Trap Injures Mountain Biker In Canada

Barb Wire Booby Trap Injures Mountain Biker In Canada


Barb Wire Booby Trap Injures Mountain Biker In Canada


Photo: Angus MacAskill | Cover: Robert Tadlock

Although it’s not the first time we’ve covered one of these incidents, it still boggles the mind as to why people booby trap trails to take down mountain bikers.

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On Wednesday an 39 year-old Alberta man, Stelios Psaroudakis encountered a strand of barb wire suspended between two trees while descending a hill in the West Bragg Creek area reports Global News. RCMP indicated that the 6’6″-7′ booby trap was likely aimed directly at mountain bikers.

The man in question was accompanied by a friend at the time. The friend would later take down the wire before transporting the victim to the hospital where he was treated for minor injuries. A release from the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association said that he remains in a “stable” condition. Local officials have since warned bikers to practice extreme caution while authorities continue to investigate the situation.

Bragg Creek Trails Association Release:

Hello West Bragg Trail Users and Volunteers,

I have just spoken with the RCMP, who have confirmed that one person, 37 year old Stelios Psaroudakis, was injured Wednesday evening when he cycled into barbed wire. They do not yet know which trail he and his friend were riding. The injuries occurred to his neck area, but he appears to be in stable condition.

If this did occur on Wednesday, the parking lot would have been closed to the public, so the riders may have come in from anywhere. The RCMP are not ruling out anything, but they are aware that there are grazing allotments demarcated with barbed wire fencing. Another reason to hold off speculating on motive.

The RCMP have agreed to keep me in the loop and I will keep everyone apprised as I learn more.

Peter Tucker
Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association

Find the entire Global News article here: Alberta cyclist injured after driving into head-level barbed wire strung across trail

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