Crevasses on the Upper Price Glacier or Mt. Shuksan | Photo: G310ScottS | Cover Photo: Lhb1239

Typically, glaciers host some of the most consistent skiing on the planet– as long as one avoids the cracks in the ice.

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Ron Veperts failed to do so but will live to tell the tale of the time he fell into a 90 foot deep crevasse on Mt Baker. The 58 year-old ski mountaineer told the Delta-Optimist that he made a mistake by skiing in the wrong direction before tossing a ski and sliding into a massive crevasse on the Coleman Glacier.

On the way down the proverbial rabbit hole, Veperts ping ponged off the sides of the crevasse before landing at the bottom. He went on to explain that the combination of having a full backpack and helmet likely saved his life.

“I was bouncing from side-to-side, but I had a heavy, padded pack on and my helmet, so it was just pure luck. The pack probably saved me from some serious injuries” – Ron Veperts (*Quote courtesy of The Delta-Optimist)

Another group saw the accident and proceeded to extract Veperts from the icy hole. Shorthly thereafter, a helicopter rescue was called into assist in the rescue effort. The only injuries the victim sustained was a concussion and some minor bruising.

Find the entire Delta-Optimist article here: Ladner man rescued off Mt. Baker

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