CHILTON SKIS: Handmade Skis Crafted From Salvaged Montana Lumber

CHILTON SKIS: Handmade Skis Crafted From Salvaged Montana Lumber


CHILTON SKIS: Handmade Skis Crafted From Salvaged Montana Lumber


Way into the sustainable approach of this little startup out of Missoula, Montana. They work with local Montana arborist to salvage trees they cut down around town. They have already have $17K funded towards their goal of $25K, if you are interested in scoring a pair of Bitterroot Buttersticks ($985) go HERE


1. Harvest Wood Cores From The Urban Tree Canopy. 

We work with local arborists to curate a collection of tree species that have the strength and flex characteristics that drive Chilton’s trademark performance. Collaborations with arborists ensure that these trees are repurposed, rather than chipped into mulch–thereby sustaining the experience.

2. Harvest Topsheet Veneers From Beetle-killed pine trees. 

With our extensive experience as arborists and foresters, we identify and harvest the Mountain Pine Beetle-killed pine trees that still contain quality wood. Salvage-harvest of this beautiful blue-stained wood reduces wildfire risk and offers beetle-killed pine trees new life as hard-shredding skis.

3. Mill Our Trees Into Workable Planks.  

We work with trusted local wood mills to process harvested trees into workable planks. These planks are handpicked by the Chilton Skis team to ensure proper aesthetics and strength/flex characteristics. Quality assured.

4. Craft The Bitterroot Buttersticks. 

Using our garage wood shop, we shape and assemble every pair of Chilton Skis using sustainable materials accompanied by space-grade composites. Over time, through research and development, our objective is to reduce reliance on synthetic materials even further.

  • Urban Tree Canopy Cores
  • Pine Beetle Top-Sheet Veneers w/ ABS DuraVision Laminate
  • Biaxial & Uni-Directional Carbon Fiber Layers
  • UHMWP Sidewalls
  • 2.2 mm Steel Alloy Edges
  • 1.4 mm Durasurf 4001 Base

Every pair of Chilton Skis’ Bitterroot Buttersticks feature 8 ultra-thin layers of carbon fiber fabric to complement the 100% locally sourced cores. 


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