Photo: Ken Graham Photography/Alyeska

When it comes to ski areas in Alaska, none quite match up to Alyeska Resort, located near Girdwood, AK.

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Perched at sea level and situated just below the mighty Chugach Range, Alyeska is a skier’s and boarders paradise who’s exotic nature is unique for North America. Whether that’s skiing above the beautiful waters of Turnagain Arm or letting loose at the Sitzmark Bar and Grill, Alyeska is a must-ski for any and all winter sports enthusiasts.

So without further ado, here are 5 bucket list items For Skiers/Riders visiting Alyeska Resort.

5) Après under the ‘Aurora Borealis’

Cue ‘Farmhouse’… | Photo: Alyeska Resort

If they’re lucky, skiers and riders will catch amazing views of the atmospheric phenomenon known as the northern lights or Aurora Borealis during their stay @Alyeska. Just make sure to have a time-lapse camera and beer on hand when the magic starts.

4) Lay down tracks above the beautiful waters of Turnagain Arm

Not many ski areas allow you for a ‘ski to sea’ experience | Photo: Alyeska Resort

There’s just something about skiing above the sea that appeals to the romantic skier in all of us. Skiing powder just above the ocean is not just a novelty– it’s a religious experience and there’s no better place to do it than Alyeska.

3) Enjoy the longest, continuous double black run in North America

The ‘North Face’ | Photo: Ralph Kristopher/Alyeska

Think Jackson Hole tram laps are burly? Try out Alyeska’s North Face, AKA the longest continuous double black diamond in North America. The bowl itself is akin to heli-skiing without having to shell out thousands of dollars to get in the bird.

2) Jam at one of the best ski town music venues in the world

The best mountain music in North America can be found here | Photo: The Sitzmark Bar And Grill

There’s not many ski town venues that can claim Bob Weir, Anders Osborne, and Lukas Nelson as regular performers. The Sitzmark has hosted all these bands and continues to be the gold standard for ski-town music venues in North America.

1) Throw Down. Go Heli-Skiing.

Turning and burning | Photo: Ralph Kristopher/Alyeska

From Doug Coombs to Angel Collinson, the Chugach Mountains have played host to some of skiing’s biggest legends. Spiny faces, huge bowls, and winding couloirs are just a few of the attractions that exist just above Alyeska and can be accessed via their in-home heli-op.

Book the heli here: Chugach Powder Guides

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