It’s going to be a deep weekend across the West | Image: NOAA | Cover Photo: Big Sky Resort

While most ski bums are on the schedule this holiday weekend, the lucky few who have time off are left with the conundrum, “where can I score powder while avoiding the President’s Day crowds?”

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With snow in the Sierra, northern Rockies, and the northeast, answering that question may involve a full on powder chase or could simply mean leaving your home resort for a smaller, less crowded neighborhood ski area. So without further ado, here’s where to score President’s Day powder turns without the crazy crowds.

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Powder Mountain, UT

Photo: Powder Mountain Facebook Page
Powder Mountain lives up to its name | Photo: Powder Mountain Facebook Page

NOAA Forecast: Powder Mountain, UT

Powder Mountain is forecasted to get steady snow throughout the weekend with Monday morning being a good bet for super deep, Utah blower. Expect White Room conditions without the LCC traffic.

Day Ticket – $79

Base Depth – 106″

Weekend Forecasted Snow – 14″

White Pass, WA

NOAA Forecast: White Pass, WA

There’s a reason why the Mahre family calls White Pass home. The quaint ski hill provides some amazing access albeit without the big crowds. It’s also a powder mecca on a good day and can serve up some of the best tree skiing in the PNW

Day Ticket – $58

Base Depth – 88″

Forecasted Snow – 12″ (higher elevations)

Big Sky, Montana

Do you see what happens? | Photo: Big Sky
Do you see what happens? | Photo: Big Sky

NOAA Forecast: Big Sky, MT

One of the many good things about Montana ski areas are they’re hard to get to. We’ll let you figure out the rest.

Day Ticket – $119

Base Depth – 67″

Forecasted Snow – 12″ (higher elevations)

Brundage, ID

Locals like it here | Photo: Brundage Mountain Resort
Locals like it here | Photo: Brundage Mountain Resort

NOAA Forecast: Brundage Mountain, ID

Located just outside McCall, Brundage is a local’s paradise. It’s got good terrain and great snow– making it a must see for any skier thinking about a trip to Idaho.

Day Ticket – $64

Base Depth – 72″

Forecasted Snow – 16″

Brighton, UT

NOAA Forecast: Brighton, UT

There’s just something awesome about the vibe at Brighton. Considered one of the less crowded ski areas close to Salt Lake, Brighton is rad on many levels. Look for this Utah resort to host some of the driest snow out of the President’s Day weekend storms.

Day Ticket – $79

Base Depth – 112″

Forecasted Snow – 20″

Homewood, CA

Old growth by the lake | Photo: Homewood
Shredding old growth by the lake– priceless | Photo: Homewood

NOAA Forecast: Homewood, CA

Homewood is just like home. The California ski area known for catering to families also has some rad tree skiing when Squaw is packed.

Day Ticket – $88

Base Depth – 191″

Forecasted Snow – 19″

Mt Rose, NV

Photo: Mt Rose
With chairlifts like these… | Photo: Mt Rose

NOAA Forecast: Mt Rose, NV

The highest elevation resort in the Tahoe region will also benefit from the lightest snow– all 32″ of it. The only question that remains is: “will ‘The Chutes’ open?”

Day Ticket – $115 (window)

Base Depth – 195″

Forecasted Snow – 32″